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The Internet Really Has Come A Long Way

If you were around back in the mid 90’s you may remember free website hosting places such as Angelfire, Tripod, or Geocities. Linchpin companies like Microsoft, Apple, CNN, or Yahoo were little more than a crappy wallpaper, a logo, some links, and content. If you had a menu that had a dropdown, it was considered groundbreaking. And if those sites were the “big boys”, it was the free hosting sites that so closely resembled many of the MySpace pages with blinking lights, neon colours, and the type of design that was to the delight of angsty 12 year old who knew how to work a mouse. My how things have changed. Today we have technologies available to us that we couldn’t have ever dreamed about 25 years ago.

In that time, the needs of businesses and individuals has changed dramatically. If you’re not online today, you’re practically invisible to the rest of the world. It’s not uncommon for someone to register and use it as a personal blog. Even small mom-and-pop style establishments have a web presence. The problem is, not everyone knows how to get there. That’s where I’m happy to help – from a small web presence, to building you an online marketplace for your product and beyond, you can count on me to point you in the right direction.

But First, Let’s Understand How This All Works

Simply put, from end-to-end, the Internet is a lot of working components. Here’s some of the basics broken down into easy-to-understand parts. First, there’s a domain name, which would be something along the lines of “”. On the assumption that nobody already owns what you want, you effectively “lease” your name for a period of years through what is called a “registrar”. This allows you to “own” that name for a period of years depending on what you select. Next, you’ll need domain name services, also known as “DNS”. This is kind of like the rolodex of the Internet. Instead of having to remember, you simply type in Effectively DNS takes something easy to remember and translates it to a server on the Internet (where your actual website resides). Now you’ll need a server, and to add in scripting languages (like a translator for code), databases (a place to store information), and various other components. Even then, you still don’t have a website! You’ll need to design, build, and write code to display a site, or setup various databases to build something using WordPress, Joomla, or a long list of other types of web software. The list goes on and on – suddenly things are quite complicated! Of course, there’s services out there that will do (almost) all of this in one wrapped up package, but there’s pros and cons to going that route.  

So, Can You Make Me A Website?

Well, of course! Maybe you don’t know where to start, you already have a site and are looking to make a change, or there could be something as simple as just needing to update a couple things and haven’t the slightest clue how to do so. We’ll t