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Home Automation

Automating Your Home & Business

As each year passes, we become more connected to our things, and our things become more connected to us. It’s easy to become lost, or at least disorientated when dealing with these systems. For many people the idea of home automation is a daunting one and typically stops when they need to connect a smart device to a voice platform but get lost along the way. With a seemingly endless amount of apps, bridges, and compatibility issues, it’s no wonder that things become confusing quickly. With hundreds of manufacturers, & tens of thousands of products, building your solution is no easy task and takes planning, especially when integrating more than one system. What should really be a “plug & play” scenario is really more like building Ikea furniture. Without a manual. In the dark. We can help take the guess work out of these systems and integrate them seamlessly together through a wide array of tools.

Dream It? Build It!

Home automation comes down to the idea of “if you can dream it”. Integrations between systems has come a long way and the imagination is a wild thing. Automating previously “dumb” devices can be achieved, usually to the surprise of many. Remember the amazement of your front porch lights turning on with a motion sensor? What if when you came home your front hallways lights would come on, but also trigger your door to unlock, and your local news station to begin transmitting on your kitchen sound system? Wouldn’t it be wild if you could get an alert on your phone when your washing machine was finished it’s cycle – without having to spend $1500 on a brand new “smart” washing machine? Is that the kind of thing that sounds interesting? We should talk.

Custom Control Tablet

Through the use of custom tools, open source programs, and enterprise automation platforms, we can build you a fully integrated control tablet. While looking expensive, you’d be shocked at what can be achieved with low cost tablets.

How awesome would it be to have a full-on remote control for your pool house? Ok, you probably don’t have a pool house, but it can definitely be your launchpad for your living room, with one-button to set the scene for watching a movie, daytime, or cozy ambiance for a glass of wine. View live feeds of cameras, the open/close status of a door or window, temperature readings, or even things like weather, traffic, or the latest news in widgets.

What’s more, you have complete control of any Smart Device within your home, right at your fingertips. With the press of a button, you can close a garage door, turn on/off lights, change the mood of a room, or start your sprinkler.  We can show you how.

Smart Automation Components

  • Contact Sensors:
    Setup automations to let you know if a door has been left open for too long, check if windows are open from anywhere on your smartphone, and even setup alerts to notify you as soon as a door, cupboard, or otherwise has been opened. Would it be useful to know when a filing cabinet, safe, or specific desk drawer ever got opened instantly? Now you can.
  • Motion Sensors:
    Integrate the feedback from your motion sensor(s) to turn on & off lights, alert if there’s suspcious motion in an area, remind you of things to as you are leaving the house, and even save on energy costs by regulating your heating or cooling system.
  • Routines:
    Easily set timers to turn off a light when you leave a room, turn on the radio when you get home, or turn on your exterior lights at specific times. Have a mourning ritual? Automations can help remind you the time as you’re getting ready for work, play different music, or read you the news as you make your way through getting ready. Build nearly anything to compliment your daily schedule, and help you along the way.
  • Lights & Dimmers:
    Turn on/off, and even control the brightness & colour of lights remotely, by switches, or through voice commands.
  • Smart Buttons:
    Place them nearly anywhere, and they’ll allow up to three different actions from a single button. Turn on a light, set a scene, or even grant access to a door from across the house with the press of a button.
  • Voice Automations:
    “Hey Google, let’s watch a movie!”. The living room lights dim to 20%, accent lighting turns on along with the TV, and your popcorn maker starts popping.
  • Water Sensors:
    Worried your laundry room may have a leak? Maybe you’d like to know if your sink or dishwasher has failed before your floor is ruined or there’s a flood? Water sensors will help alert you immediately.