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I'm here when you need me. As much as we all would wish our problems would only occur at the most convenient times, Murphy apparently has a law about that.  I typically respond to e-mails through the day up until 10pm EST, however am available by phone 24/7/354 in emergency situations at 416-471-0356. Sometimes I sleep. It's glorious when it happens, and I highly recommend it. 

Looking to book an appointment, or schedule a meeting? No problem. You don't need to come down to my fancy office. I don't have one. It doesn't make sense. Plus, I don't particularly believe in them for my line of business. I believe in leveraging technology to our benefit. Let's schedule a virtual meeting, have a phone call, I'll meet you at your office, or we can just go sit in the park and have a coffee to talk things though. It's kind of like having a meeting on the golf course, except I'm not spending $1000 to impress a client, with money I got overcharging my previous clients. Whatever is right for you, we'll make it work. (Plus, I'm terrible at golf)

I offer free consultations. Not sure what you're looking for, or if I can do what you need done? Let's find out! I'm happy to sit down and chat about your project or needs. I'll lend you the information I know and we can decide together if I'm the person to pull it off for you. I've got a vast network of like minded people I can refer you to for more niche projects, and if it's just not the right fit I'm always going to point you in the right direction to get the help you need. Let's chat and come up with some solutions!   

Fill in your contact information and I'll be in touch to get your next project on the move or address your enquiry.

Typically I reply within 24 hours, however sometimes delays occur when I'm neck-deep in a project and keeping focus. If this is an emergency, I would welcome you to call for immediate assistance. 

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