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Hey, It's Paul.

Hey, It's Paul.

I'm the founder, and lead engineer behind Pasha solutions.

Too many small businesses are left with terrible options, and especially horrible advice when it comes to their IT needs. For many people, they're excellent at what they do, but simply don't know how to harness the wide variety of solutions available when it comes to IT. This is the age old problem of "not knowing what you don't know", inevitably leading to many missteps along the way, costing time, effort, and most seriously, security.

I'm here to help, and I've got 20 years of experience building kick-ass solutions to all your problems, and a lot of the things you didn't realize were ones.

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Carol Priest Entertainment

Carol Priest Entertainment

From the first contact many years ago, Paul has been my go-to for all of my digital needs. He transformed my business process from a problematic client list into a fully functioning database that I use as my primary pillar for my business. He's been the key to so many problems that I struggled with and is always quick to give me the advice I need. I can't thank him enough for his tireless work that has kept me going when problems arise.
Intrepid Law

Intrepid Law

Paul is diligent, enthusiastic, and painstakingly thorough in all he undertakes. From recommending and building out hardware, home and business networks, websites, and tech-support, I can't count the number of issues he's resolved for me over the years. Everything delivered on time, on budget, and on spec. The added bonus with Paul is that he's a solid human being as well, who goes to the wall for his company, customers, and friends alike.

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