Laundry Is Dumb. Make It Smart.

I’ve automated a good portion of my own home and that of many others over the years. Rarely it’s an easy task, complications come quickly, and navigating endless integrations is near impossible for people who aren’t tech-savvy. That’s arguably one of t…

More Expensive Than Gold : Printer Ink

Have you ever owned a printer, more specifically anything that called itself a BubbleJet, InkJet or any one of the other ridiculous names they used? You’re probably already in pain reading this. But, if you owned a LaserJet, maybe you’re still smiling….

Why The Facebook Outage Should Be A Wakeup Call

If you haven’t heard about this, I think I am deeply envious of you. It likely means you live a life that has next to no contact with the news at large, and especially social media. But, for the other 99% of us we all know Facebook (and it’s child…

Don’t Call The Geek Squad

The “Geek Squad”, eh? Okie dokie. For those who aren’t as familiar with what the Geek Squad is, it’s Best Buy’s “in-house” IT support team. Surely you know who Best Buy is, the massive electronics retailer that’s more or less dominated the consumer …

Updating Cloudflare DDNS On Ubiquiti UDM-Pro

I’ve been somewhat pulling my hair out (ok, that’s a lie – I have none) figuring out a way to update a Cloudflare A name using the UDM-Pro. There’s a long list of reasons you’d want to do this, but for my purposes in this instance I want to setup …

Updating Cloudflare DNS With Synology Diskstation

I ran into an interesting issue this evening which required a creative solution. The age old saying goes, a person is only as good as the tools available within their toolbox.  So, some quick backstory on how I got here. I recently purchased an…

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