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Automating Your Home & Business

As each year passes, we become more connected to our things, and our things become more connected to us. It's easy to become lost, or at least disorientated when dealing with automated systems. For many people the idea of home automation is a daunting one and typically stops around the point where they need to connect a smart device to something like a voice control surface such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa but get lost somewhere along the way. This inevitably turns into a situation where you've got a handful of "smart" home devices, but they're simply being used in their passive (non-smart) state. You catch yourself saying to guests "I got these fancy light switches to automatically turn on my lights, but they never seem to work". With a seemingly endless amount of apps, bridges, and compatibility issues, it's no wonder that things become confusing quickly. We can help take the guess work out of these systems and integrate them seamlessly together through a wide array of tools.

Can You Dream It? Let's Build It!

When it comes to home automation it really comes down to the idea of "if you can dream it". Integrations between systems has come a long way and the imagination is a wild thing. Automating previously "dumb" devices can be achieved, usually to the amazement of many. Remember the amazement of your front porch lights turning on with a motion sensor? What if when you came home your front hallways lights would come on, but also trigger your door to unlock, and your local news station to begin transmitting on your kitchen sound system? Wouldn't it be wild if you could get an alert on your phone when your washing machine was finished it's cycle - without having to spend $1500 on a brand new "smart" washing machine when the one you have works perfectly fine (and, probably better)? Or if the lights in your home office turned on as soon as you opened the door, except if you weren't home. Instead the system would refuse to turn the lights on, send you a message alerting you to odd activity, and also send you a live video of who just opened the door. Is that the kind of thing that sounds interesting? We should talk.



Play Nice, Children.

With hundreds of manufacturers, and tens of thousands of products (with more coming every day), the landscape of home automation is going crazy. Building your solution is no easy task and takes planning especially when integrating more than one system; something that will almost be inevitable if you are looking to achieve more than one task. In many cases, different systems talk different protocols (think, languages). You need a "bridge" to pull them together. Can you get the switch or sensor from one company to trigger an action from a device made by a company on the completely opposite side of the world? Well, not always. The most common misconception is that everything will just "work". Sadly, that's far from reality despite the bold claims you'll find on packaging. You'd want to hope building your Smart Home would be like plugging in a bunch of Apple products and magically just bond themselves together. It's really more like building Ikea furniture. Without a manual. In the dark. With the person you love the most, but know this will ruin your relationship. And there's the added bonus that you better never take it apart, because it'll -never- go back together the same way.

Thankfully there's lots of tools to get you there. I can help you navigate the wild world of what goes with what, and which one of those things can actually do what you want it to do? In many cases what it takes is a little magic in automation applications. Popular choices are SmartThings & WebCore, along with IFTTT (If This Then That). Getting it put together is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle all determined by a little bit of logic. Thankfully, I'll help you with the logic, and I'm pretty damn good at puzzles.  


Control Tablet

Control Tablet

When it comes to home automation, I'm a huge fan of the "Launchpad" as an all-in-one control surface for your system. While looking expensive, you'd be shocked at what can be achieved with old tablets or phones, bringing new life into what you'd think would be destined for the trash. How awesome would it be to have your iPhone 5 turn into a full-on remote control for your pool house? Ok, you probably don't have a pool house, but it can definitely be your launchpad for your living room, with one-button to set the scene for watching a movie, daytime, or cozy ambiance for a glass of wine.
Triggers & Automations

Triggers & Automations

So many of your "Smart" devices have hidden features that are never unlocked to their potential. It's an "on and off" world, but it shouldn't be. Set timers, and advanced conditional statements to build out something amazing. WebCore is the most powerful tool available to bring dreams to reality. Let's talk about what you truly want your automations to look like. Based in a programming background, writing home automation triggers is nothing less than second nature. Are you ready to live out the Jetson's life?




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