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Be Informed When It Comes To Home Security Cameras

A wild thing happened a few years ago that made me want to put a security camera in my home, and it's not what you'd expect. I live in a condo, so I really only have one ingress/egress of my "home" unless you count my 10th floor window (no balcony). What could I want a security camera for?! I had a contractor hired by my building to do some work on my front door. They did a terrible job on the door, but also left me puzzled as I came home to find my bathroom light on, along with a dirty rag on my kitchen counter. Why was this person going into my suite when they only needed to be in the front hall? I needed to know.

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Dryer completed cycle with SmartThings & Multi-Sensor

I'll level with you, I'm terrible at checking my laundry. 

I live in a 680sq foot condo, and my dryer is audible throughout my home. While not loud, if you're listening for it, you can hear it. Naturally you'd think I'd realize when the dryer has run it's course, but the sound just becomes white noise very quickly. I also have a secondary problem that my dryer... well... frankly sucks. I usually have to run 2 dryer cycles for most things to be dry. This leads to a long process seeing as I usually forget to check my dryer and set it for it's second cycle. 

So, how can I be a little more attentive to when a cycle completes? Automation, naturally. Here's a list of what I needed: 

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