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Hey it's Paul, the founder and lead engineer behind Pasha solutions.

Too many small businesses are left with terrible options, and especially horrible advice when it comes to their IT needs. For many people, they're excellent at what they do, but simply don't know how to harness the wide variety of solutions available when it comes to their IT needs. This is the age old problem of "not knowing what you don't know". This inevitably leads to many missteps along the way, almost certainly costing excessive time, effort, and most seriously, security; leaving many small businesses scrambling when it comes to their IT needs.

With non-existent budgets, and unsure where to turn, it's easy to enlist the help of the neighbourhood computer guy, or worse, you call the "IT squad" from the local big-box retail store. While the person you know may be a whiz with the Internet, chances are they haven't handled enterprise class needs or been exposed to preventing failures that can cost tens of thousands of dollars with business on the line. Worse, your "IT Squad" from the local retailer will surely expose you to considerable markups, and consumer grade (read: barely passable) hardware, and in many cases their solution is to just "buy this all new [crap]"... if they even diagnose your problem correctly. 

I'm here to help, and I've got 20 years of experience building kick-ass solutions to all your problems, and a lot of the things you didn't realize were ones.

Paul Hattlmann

Paul Hattlmann

Some may call it a curse, but for me it’s a calling; seeing something out of place or poorly designed, my mind becomes curious about how I could have done it better. I've been a problem solver for as long as anyone can remember, and it brings me a sense of great joy solving them, always questioning "why", and reverse engineering.
That sense of curiosity has propelled me forward in ways I never imagined. I grew up in a working class suburb of Toronto, Canada and moved to the big city in my mid-20's. The melting pot of cultures influenced me in ways I never anticipated & helped me grow as a person.
Outside of my professional life, I hold a deep love of food and am an amateur cook inspired by traditional French & English cuisine. I keep active with hiking, beer-league hockey, co-ed baseball, and occasionally moonlight as a DJ across North America. I travel whenever possible, and love being immersed in unfamiliar cultures. In recent years I've become incredibly passionate about sustainability, equality, and continuously pursuing a more grass roots lifestyle with a focus on community driven ecosystems.


For over two decades I have worked extensively in the technology and solutions engineering fields for companies ranging from start-ups, to multi-national corporations. From single entrepreneurs needing a web presence & some sound IT advice, to designing & implementing solutions for companies such as Walmart Canada, Chubb Security, Second Cup, AVIS/Budget, and Canpar Courier amongst countless others in the retail, food service, call center, and hospitality industries. Today I proudly work with Gazelle Communications Corporation, an outstanding ethical ISP/MSP based in Toronto, where we provide voice, data & managed solutions across Canada, with a specialized focus on supporting mental health, crisis services and distress communications. 

Pasha Solutions is the culmination of this experience in technology and solutions engineering. Utilizing the methods, knowledge, and experience gained working in enterprise and carrier grade environments, I implement these ideals into start-ups, charities, and especially small ethical businesses with a focus on locally owned and operated. My success has been largely driven by taking a no-nonsense approach to providing sound IT advice based these core vales:



Sometimes things don't always work out the way you're hoping, but in those times it's always easier to get to the next step when you can understand what you're up against without sugar coating & fluff. I always provide the most transparent analysis, and whenever possible, a variety of solutions that can fit budgets both small and large. It's up to me to provide choice & sound advice, and for you to pick what feels right. I'm here to help at every step.


The job isn't done until satisfaction has been achieved by all parties. I deliver results through strong work ethic and basing my reputation on my word. Sometimes projects can take un-expected and unavoidable turns, but that is no excuse for simply doubling down on costs. When I say we will get the job done, I will stop at nothing to make it happen. It's about doing doing business the old fashioned way; on-time, on budget, and on spec.
Ethical Business

Ethical Business

My success is based on a network of partners, vendors, and clients all with the same thing in mind; to provide an excellent service while treating each other with respect. I believe that investing in each other will secure our collective futures. I'm always learning, as is my clients; sharing knowledge, opinions, and always being open to feedback and change. We are in this together with a focus on combining our individual strengths to create the bigger picture.

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